About us

It’s time for someone to take responsibility for their clients’ business outcome…

We are that someone!

What is Initiative?

Initiative is a media agency that does not settle for the classic approach and knowledge that this is how things have always been done. There would be no success stories is everyone always followed the same rules. We are not saying that Initiative will turn the marketing world upside down, but we are a dynamic agency that is ready to achieve better results with the help of new approaches. A bigger contribution, new methods or returning to fundamental truths – it is always important for us that the business of our client go well. Because we care.

Joint responsibility and tailor-made service

In addition to the creation and planning of media strategies, we are also a so-called (marketing) process agency. This means that if necessary, we and our partner advertising agencies take on the entire marketing process on a broader scale. Together we develop strategic directions that determine the tactical moves and the extra forces we need. The extra forces we need are not always the classic ones, which means that our service is largely tailor-made for our clients. We of course also offer all the options of a classic media agency.