Initiative believes that all marketing should be performance-driven. Data, analytics, insight and innovation are central to all our services, and we hold ourselves fully accountable to client business goals. This commitment to performance is at the heart of Initiative’s unique process and culture.


Research and analysis

We believe in marketing that is based on insights and analytics instead of gut feelings. Therefore, we put emphasis on research and the professional conduct thereof in order to provide our clients with valuable input for making important decisions. The spectrum of initiative-oriented research solutions is extremely wide – we have extensive experience in traditional market studies as well as carrying out and analysing studies based on neuromarketing.

The focus of initiative-oriented consumer and marketing studies is mostly on the following topics:

  • specificity of categories and consumption patterns;
  • brand and its development;
  • evaluation of creative solutions (emotion and eye tracking tests);
  • visibility and impact of campaigns (conduct of eye tracking tests on the street in regard to visibility of surfaces/advertisements and other similar tests in addition to follow-up studies of traditional campaigns);
  • customer journey mapping from an idea to post-purchase activities (incl. eye tracking tests in the shopping environment)

Marketing analytics:

      • we create econometric marketing prognosis models (Marketing Mix Modeling/MMM)
      • manage ROI of marketing and campaigns
      • manage the efficiency of campaigns in real time

Media analytics

      • we map the media use of competing advertisers across business sectors
      • we identify the most efficient media usage opportunities

Media strategies that are based on demographics or lifestyle

We develop media strategies that are based either on the demographic characteristics or the values (lifestyles) of target groups. We mainly used the research carried out by TNS Emor for the development of strategies based on demographics. Media strategies based on values are prepared with the assistance of RCS planner, the unique tool developed by IPD Mediabrands.

Media planning

Deciding on which advertising channels to use, and to which extent and when to use them, is a precise activity that is based on research and that requires analysis, which is carried out by trained professionals using detailed media consumption studies. The best colleague of a media planner is not another media planner, but a pile of numbers and computer software. But they like it!

Internet media planning

At present the Internet offers more opportunities than any other type of media. However, one needs specific knowledge and also time in order to find their way and be able to use it professionally. Initiative has its separate Internet unit. The nine specialists working there work on the following:

  • planning, carrying out and analysing banner campaigns;
  • carrying our search engine marketing and Google AdWords campaigns;
  • planning and carrying out Google AdSense campaigns;
  • marketing in social media and networks; and
  • planning and carrying out re-targeting campaigns.